New Model Zinwell ZAT 970A Digital to Analog TV Converter Box (for Antenna Use) ZAT-970a

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The ZAT-970A ATSC Digital to Analog Converter from Zinwell is a digital to analog converter that supports analog pass through. It converts digital TV signals to analog and offers several convenient features including multilingual support, digital parental control and an IR wireless remote control for making volume and channel adjustments from a comfortable distance.


  • Set-top box converts digital broadcast stations for viewing on your analog television set
  • Standard RF antenna output and RCA with stereo audio outputs for connecting to your television
  • Fully ATSC compliant--receives RF channels 2-69, supports all 18 broadcast formats, decodes Dolby AC-3 audio
  • Parental control with V-Chip technology, lockable channels, and downloadable Rating Region tables
  • Selectable aspect ratio of 4:3 or 16:9 for different TV screens

Get your analog televisions set up with digital programming using Zinwell's ZAT-970A. This inobtrusive digital to analog converter is easy to set up, and offers convenient features like analog pass through, programmable channel switching, parental lock, and plenty more. Connect your old analog set and start enjoying broadcast digital programming today.

ATSC Digital to Analog Converter Box

Quick and Easy Setup

The ZAT-970A will have you going digital in minutes. Connect your antenna to the device, connect to your television (via RF or RCA connection), and power everything on. You'll be led through a quick setup for language and time zone, then the ZAT-970A will automatically scan for available channels.

For your convenience, the unit features an on-screen trilingual (English, French and Spanish) menu display, and also allows you to add, skip, or set favorite channels to customize your programming options. For the few remaining low-power analog stations in your area (if any remain at all), an analog pass-through is also provided.

The low-profile ZAT-970A is just 175 x 135 x 33 millimeters, and weighs less than a pound.

Two Connection Options

For televisions with a simple RF antenna input, you'll connect to the television and select either channel three or four on the TV for the ZAT-970A. If your television has RCA audio/video inputs, you're in luck, and can enjoy a better picture and stereo audio connection.

ATSC Compliant

This set-top box is fully ATSC and MPEG-2 Digital compliant, receiving RF channels 2 through 69, and supporting all 18 ATSC broadcast formats, complete with ATSC Dolby AC-3 audio decoding. Translation? You'll be able to enjoy any standard digital broadcast, as standardized by the FCC. Closed captioning and the Emergency Alert System are also both supported.

Selectable Aspect Ratio

Select your picture aspect ratio for either 4:3 or 16:9 TV screens, depending on your set and the current broadcast.

Parental Features

Make sure your children are taking in appropriate programming with Parental Control, with V-Chip technology. A downloadable Rating Region table and lockable channels let you make the call.

Energy Star Compliant

Compliant with Energy Star standards, the ZAT-970A features an energy-efficient design and will shut off when not in use.

What's in the Box

ZAT-970A Receiver, Remote Control with Batteries, User's Manual

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