Channel Master JOINtenna Antenna Signal Combiner with LTE

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The Channel Master JOINtenna combines coaxial inputs from two individual outdoor TV antennas allowing for distribution of the two antennas on a single coaxial cable.


  • This device combines 2 UHF/VHF antennas two antennas to a single coaxial cable
  • Constructed with weather-resistant material for outdoor applications
  • Features Low-insertion loss and a built-in LTE filter

Channel Master JOINtenna is designed to simplify installations in which a user desires to receive television signals from two different transmitter locations/directions without the use of an Antenna Rotator. The JOINtenna is built for outdoor applications with an all-weather housing and has two coaxial inputs and a single coaxial output.

Tech specs

  • Bandwidth: 54-216 MHz, 470-700 MHz
  • Insertion Loss: <2dB
  • Input Return Loss: <16dB
  • Impedance: 75ohm
  • Input Connector: F-type
  • Output Connector: F-type

Box Contents

  • JOINtenna
  • Instruction sheet
  • x2 Outdoor mounting zip ties
  • x2 Mounting screws
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