PylePro (PMX630I) 6-Channel 600 Watt Professional Mixer - iPod Dock, MP3 Player Input, SD Memory Card and USB Flash Readers

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Quick Overview

This 6-channel 600 Watt Professional DJ mixer is powerful and perfect for the modern DJ. Complete with built-in iPod dock, SD Memory and USB Flash readers, Effect Loop & Speaker outputs, CD/Tape inputs/outputs, REC output, Channel Tone Adjustments, Built-in 2.0 terminal, MP3 LCD display and much, much more A key feature is the USB input: now you can connect your Pyle Pro mixer to your computer Perfect for DJs who use laptops with computer software like Reason, Ableton, Traktor, etc. to customize your music creations and edits. The USB cable connects to your PC or Mac and provides a digital connection between the audio output of your computer and the input on this mixer. Each channel has rotary Effect, Treble and Bass knobs to further customize your sound -- along with mic inputs with gain controls. Plenty more features to take your music to the next level